MC and Speaker

As an MC and speaker, I can bring a level of professionalism to your event that will guarantee your audience is entertained and, above all, respected. Having achieved the highest level in the Toastmasters International education program, and having taught public speaking to many corporate clients, I have the skills and knowledge that give your event a real difference.

Primary speaking subjects

Speaking on heartfelt issues 

As a speaker, I talk about issues that mean a lot to me and have lived experiences behind them.

  • Living with mental illness
  • Aboriginal identity struggles
  • The Victorian Treaty process

Master of Ceremonies

The professional approach

Every MC project I undertake is done so in with a professional approach. There’s none of the slapdash last-minute attitude that too many others adopt.

Every project is thoroughly prepared by way of meetings, interviews and scripts. An MC holds the event together; and attention to detail and preparedness underpin that. 

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