Stories of success

Local stories of amazing Victorian Aboriginal people and their successes

Throughout Victoria there are thousands of amazing stories of Aboriginal pride, success and self-determination. They are stories that for many reasons are not carried in non-Aboriginal media.

The Connection Matters Sharing Positive Stories program removes many of the barriers and provides local and regional Victorian media – typically newspapers – with no-cost positive Aboriginal stories that take place within their audience area.


Sharing Positive Stories is managed and entirely self-funded by Aborignal journalist Charles Pakana.

This is achieved through commissioned journalism work, event MC gigs, artwork sales and various consultancy projects.


All stories in the Sharing Positive Stories program are developed independently of third-party agenda.

The focus remains on the positive outcomes of proud, strong and self-determining Aboriginal Victorian people.

Across Victoria

Regardless of where the story is in Victoria, Charles can travel to Country to interview, photograph and write.

Once written, media that islocal to that area are lobbied to carry the story – at no cost to them, thereby eliminating a barrier.

Community Stories

Stories that relate directly to local communities

It doesn’t all happen in the CBD. In fact, most stories of Victorian Aboriginal success occur in regional and suburban Victoria. The Sharing Positive Stories program aims to reach out to those areas and highlight those success stories.

One of our goals is to get that story spread within the greater local community, and I do this by communicating directly with your local newspaper and/or local council

Support the program

You can help keep it alive

There are many ways you can support the Connection Matters Sharing Positive Stories program.

You can purchase art prints, commission Charles for MC and forum moderation gigs, or if you’re a corporate, discuss corporate sponsorship of the program. Whichever way, it’s always a win-win situation and never a hand-out.

Suggest a story

Local stories are big news

I’m always on the look out for great local stories of pride, success and self-determination across Aboriginal Victoria. It doesn’t need to be a story that’s necessarily going to make big headlines across the country or even state.

The thing is that local stories are big news at a local level, so if you have an idea then let me know.

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