Aunty Pam Pedersen OAM – Still Dreaming, Still Achieving

"If you can dream it, you can achieve it." That's the motto by which Yorta Yorta Elder Pam Pedersen OAM lives.
Written by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 2 May 2020


“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

That’s the motto by which Yorta Yorta Elder Pam Pedersen OAM lives. It’s a motto that has seen her – in her 50s, 60s and 70s – become a champion sailor, swimmer, runner and cyclist, representing Australia and Victoria at the World Masters Games.

It seems that despite the years and COVID-19 social restrictions, at 76 she’s still not prepared to rest on her laurels. Currently, she is in training for what she hopes will be her first full marathon in 2021!

Aunty Pam speaks to Connection Matters Radio’s Charles Pakana about her commitment to training, fitness and diet.

She does, though, spare the time to have a little dig at herself for indulging in maybe just a tad doo much chocolate over Easter. “Unfortunately I didn’t eat properly over the weekend,” she shared.

“What did I do? Well, I went to my cupboard and had all these Easter eggs, down to the last one.”

“That certainly was my treat, but what am I doing now? Eating an apple…in place of the chocolates.”

The Training Continues

In discussing her approach to dealing with the challenges of COVID-19 social restrictions, she said: “My way of going through this (virus)… I have been exercising. I train six days a week!

“While I’m out there doing this, I think about my mob. Here I am in Shepparton but i don’t see any of our people walking around. and i feel really disappointed and i wish i could see some of our people walking.”

Her advice for everyone feeling the pressure and anxiety of the COVID-19 lockdown is simple: “Just go out and walk.

“Walk out of the front of your house or go to your back yard. Do some stretching. Do some squats.If you’re out on the main street, walk a post. Then walk another post. Time yourself. Walk for five minutes.

“You’ll feel so much better.”

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