Charcoal Lane Delivering to the Mob During COVID-19

While restaurants around the country have closed their doors for the duration, Charcoal Lane has its staff back on the job - for the mob
Written by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 7 May 2020

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has hit the hospitality and restaurant industry – and hit damn hard!

Yet, while restaurants around the country have closed their doors for the duration, Melbourne’s Charcoal Lane has its kitchen staff back on the job…for the mob.

A social enterprise of Mission Australia, Charcoal Lane has partnered with Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS), Darebin City Council, the Yarra Aboriginal Support Network and others to get healthy and nutritious food direct to Aboriginal people and families in need.

Getting Meals out to Community

Charcoal Lane’s Troy Crellin

Mission Australia Social Enterprises Manager, Troy Crellin, said: “We’re [working with our partners] ensuring that we’re getting to the most amount of people with support through this time.

“What that looks like today is Michael Graham [CEO of VAHS] coming down and picking up [for distribution] 150 meals to go out to community in Darebin, and we dropped off 105 meals for [Cohealth’s] Billabong BBQ at North Yarra Library to support processes there.”

The project does need support. If you would like to show your support, contact Charcoal Lane on 9418 3400.


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