Charles and Rudi from Koori Mail Discuss Edition 677

Edition 677 of Koori Mail – Still going strong!

Our favourite quote from 677

I might live in a bubble, perhaps, but i find it very difficult to find any but rare cases of racism in Australia.

Senator Ian McDonald


In our regular ‘catch-up’ with the amazing editorial team at Koori Mail, host Charles Pakana talks with the paper’s editor, Rudi Maxwell, about edition 677.

by Charles Pakana

In talking about edition 677 of Koori Mail, Charles and editor Rudi Maxwell discuss a number of the key stories covered in the paper’s most recent edition.

First cab off the rank was a story carried on page 3, which featured Thomas Mayor, Secretary of the NT branch of the Maritime Union of Australia. The story looks at Mr Mayor’s efforts to gain support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s call for an Indigenous voice enshrined within the Australian Parliament.


Among the two stories discussed between the two was the Federal Government’s proposal to fund a memorial site to commemorate Captain Cook’s ‘discovery’ of Australia. This is in stark contrast to a group of people in Dubbo to fund a statue in honour of William Ferguson, a true Aboriginal leader.

For more information, please listen to the interview.

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