Dardi Munwurro. Standing Strong Despite COVID-19

Dardi Munwurro's Community Development Leader Coree Thorpe talks to Charles about the organisation's working continuing despite COVID-19.
Written by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 26 April 2020


Dardi Munwurro’s Community Development Leader, Coree Thorpe, talks to Charles about the essential work of the organisation continuing despite COVID-19.

Of the organisation that has been delivering essential support services to Aboriginal men and their families, Coree explains that it has grown significantly in recent years.

IMPORTANT: Dardi Munwurro is operating a 24-hour hotline – 1800 435 799.

For more information about Dardi Munwurro and its programs, check them out on the web at: www.dardimunwurro.com.au

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