First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria Announced

by Charles Pakana

Following over a year of community consultations and five weeks of voting, the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria is announced.

The provisionally elected members are (in alphabetical order):


Metro region

  • Esmerelda Glenda Bamblett
  • Muriel Pauline Bamblett
  • Rueben Berg
  • Carolyn Briggs
  • Matthew Burns
  • Tracey Evans
  • Trevor John Gallagher
  • Ngarra Murray
  • Alister Thorpe

South West

  • Sissy Austin
  • Michael (Mookeye) Bell
  • Jordan Edwards

North West

  • Jacinta Chaplin
  • Raylene Ivy Harradine
  • Jason Kelly

North East

  • Geraldine Atkinson
  • Natarsha Bamblett
  • Leanne Miller

South East

  • Peter Hood
  • Alice Ann Pepper
  • Kaylene Williamson

Written by Charles Pakana

Charles is an Aboriginal print, broadcast and on-line journalist of Tasmanian heritage. He is the founder and manager of Connection Matters.

5 November 2019

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