Pirritu – The Outstanding Ngiyampaa Singer/Songwriter

Pirritu (Brett Lee) demonstrates a style of music that borrows from some of the best, then evolves it into something that's as beautiful as it is honest.
Written by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 30 April 2020
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An outstandingly talented singer/songwriter, Pirritu (Brett Lee) demonstrates a style of music that borrows from some of the best, then evolves it into something that’s as beautiful as it is honest.

A Ngiyampaa man who moved to Melbourne in 2013 after proving himself as an athlete on the international stage then becoming a teacher, Pirritu is destined to become one of the major forces and influences on the Australian music scene.

In discussing his transition from athlete and teacher to the challenges of a Melbourne-based singer/writer, Pirritu said: “My father always wanted me to enjoy my life. Enjoy what I was doing. He always said that in his lifetime he only did the work that he enjoyed, and when you can do that it’s not such hard work.

“I wasn’t really enjoying what I was doing, so decided to make a change. I feel like it’s the best thing I’ve ever done – to move down to Melbourne and start fresh. To focus on the things I love doing.”

The Waternests Single

Pirritu’s first single, Waternests, which is due for release later in 2020 That song actually comes from a story my Nan told me about my Pop. They were travelling through the hills behind Gloucester in mid-north coast of NSW. My Pop had dementia. There was a little dam with the sun shining down and reflecting up into my Pop’s eyes.

“He was looking down at it and trying to describe it to my Nan. He said: ‘Look down there at that waternest’, and he used that word to describe what he was seeing.

When I heard that story I thought it was really powerful… So that was the inspiration for that song.”

The message of the song? According to Pirritu it’s simple: “Give your kindness to the world for free and the world will be better off.”

Online During Reconciliation Week

During Reconciliation Week, Pirritu will be making a special online appearance on the Darebin City Council facebook page, singing Waternests and another of his yet-to-be-released singles.

Connection Matters Radio website will provide more information on this closer to the event.

Follow Pirritu on: Instagram (@pirritumusic), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pirritumusic/), Twitter (@pirritumusic), Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/pirritubrettleemusic)

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