The search for a tiny home van continues

by Charles Pakana

I move away from the web and onto the streets as I search for a van to call home for the Sharing Positive Stories project.

Quite frankly I loathe purchasing vehicles. I typically have no idea what all the jargon means, and I’m naturally distrustful of car salespeople. It’s a distrust born of working at a used car yard in Sydney for several weeks during my mid-twenties after leaving the Army.

But it’s a task that needs to be undertaken if the Sharing Positive Stories project is to succeed.

For over 12 months I have immersed myself in Youtube videos from people who have converted vans, such as the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, into tiny homes; and that is my goal – live full-time in a van, travelling across Victoria and telling positive stories of this State’s amazing Aboriginal people.

It’s great being short

At only 5’8″ (I couldn’t be bothered working out the centimetres), I have a huge advantage over those taller (vertically challenged, I prefer to call them) people. It means I will be able to make a bed that goes across the van rather than front to back. This will result in a huge space saving.


Written by Charles Pakana

Charles is an Aboriginal print, broadcast and on-line journalist of Tasmanian heritage. He is the founder and manager of Connection Matters.

8 November 2019

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