Victorian Treaty Consultation on the Road Throughout Victoria

By Charles Pakana – 20 June 2018

Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner Jill Gallagher, AO, is currently on the road on the second of her community consultation roadtrips.

Speaking to Charles on her way to Mildura, the Commissioner stressed the importance of consultation with Elders.

“We always try to focus on an Elders’ voice throughout our Treaty roadshows, “she said. “We want to have conversations with Elders and community to tell me, advise me, how do I establish this Elders voice. How will it fit in with a modern day construct? How will the Elders be selected.”

In response to questions about getting out to the more remotely located Elders, the Commissioner said that in planning the roadtrips the Commission was communicating with Aboriginal Cooperatives and Traditional Owner groups, asking them to reach out to their Elders.

Who Gets To Vote?

Among the other issues discussed between Charles and Commissioner was the voting age for Aboriginal Victorians in the election of the Aboriginal Representative Body (ARB).

“We raise this in all the Aboriginal forums,” she said. “Some agree it should be 16 and some say ‘do our young people really care?’. I believe they do!”

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