Violet the Van Arrives

After nearly a year of researching, the decision was made to purchase a 2019 Ford Transit as the CMR home.
Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 15 April 2020

After nearly a year of researching the ideal vehicle to serve as the full-time home and podcasting studio for Connection Matters Radio, Violet the 2019 Ford Transit has been purchased and delivered.

I have to say that it was a huge decision. The purchase was made just as the COVID-19 lockdown Stage 3 was put into place in Victoria, and it pretty well cleaned me out financially.

With only three months left of my contract Senior Communications Officer at the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria, it was a total leap of faith. But I bore in mind the words that my mentor and Elder, Uncle Talgium Edwards, said to me when I first ran the idea past him: “Put your faith in the spirits and Bunjil, brother. Just do it!” So I did.

And now, with a brand new 2019 Ford Transit sitting in the driveway, it’s all about getting prepared to fit it out as a home and studio.

Why “Violet”?

Violet is the name of my Aboriginal grandmother from Tasmania. Born of an affair between her white mother and an unknown and untraceable Aboriginal man, she gave to my father, me and my children the blood and spirit of a proud and noble People.

It is only fitting to give her name to the van that will carry me across Victoria for five-to-ten years, focusing on writing, broadcasting and sharing positive stories of Aboriginal people and communities. It is my hope that the pride and strength of the people whose stories I tell will make her spirit smile.

So, what next?

Well, it’s all about spending money, I suppose. Purchasing everything that will be needed to turn Violet the Van into a full-time home and studio – solar panels, deep-cycle batteries, an inverter, gas and water systems, lots of lumber and fittings, and, of course, a composting toilet.

I’ll definitely be documenting, filming and photographing as much of the six-to-twelve month process as I can, so keep in touch for more updates.

Stay safe, stay strong – Charles


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