Day 49: Staying put at Point Leo (Boonwurrung/Bunurung Country)

Day 49 being spent at Point Leo in Victoria, catching up on a backlog of administration and article writing.
Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 7 April 2021

After a great afternoon and night spent at the beautiful township of Balnarring, I’ve moved a bit further south to Point Leo, still on Boonwurrung/Bunurung country.

I’m planning a simple day today, catching up on a bit of a backlog of writing and admin that I’ve let accumulate.

As I’m sitting on my bed and writing this post, I can look out through the back window and, even thought it’s starting off as quite an overcast day, see the northern part of the Bass Strait.

Just as I try every day, I’m trying to imagine what this country must have looked like pre-1788 – taking away the roads, houses close to the beach, power poles and everything else that has such an impact on the otherwise pristine environment that had been cared for by the Traditional Owners for so many thousands of years. We really do have such a long way to go in understanding the depth of society’s impact on the environment…and act!

The Camper “Spread”

There are tons of camping areas here, but even a couple of days after the Easter break they’re packed with families that seem to want their camping area to be as enormous as their houses. So many of them have stuff spread across huge areas. I don’t understand it.

Tonight I’ll probably make my way back to last night’s stop at Balnarring. The lovely staff at the pre-school were kind enough to offer their parking area as a stop over point.



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