Day 67: ANZAC Day with Mildura Mob and back to the banks of the Murray River

Still in Mildura with amazing mob and sharing an intimate yet emotional ANZAC Day wreath-laying ceremony for our warrior past and present.
Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 25 April 2021

So wonderful – and quite emotional – being with Mildura mob this morning for the laying of a wreath to honour and commemorate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander warriors on the 2021 ANZAC Day.

It was disappointing that our people hadn’t been included in the main wreath-laying ceremonies of the key event, but a quick call to one of the organisers assured us that due to COVID restrictions, the entire event had been pared to the bone.

Still, I’m not too convinced that omitting First Nations from the formalities, regardless of how pared back they might be, was appropriate. When I asked the organiser: “Can you assure me that next year the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People will figure in the main events,” I was assured: “[COVID] conditions prevailing, they will definitely be included.”

I’ve already diarised to come back here next ANZAC Day.

Of course, it won’t take much for me to come back. This is truly beautiful country here in Mildura, and the local Mob have shown me nothing other than welcoming kindness.

I have various meetings tomorrow and Tuesday with various people, including the First People of the Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation (FPMAC) to discuss a range of great podcast and written stories we’ll be doing together over the next several months.

The Sunday Morning Routine

Being a Sunday morning, the routine dictated laundry day. So a visit to the Mildura Coin Laundry was first port of call for the day. I have to say that I was thrilled and disappointed at the same time when I saw that the laundry even featured a retro video game machine. Pac-Man and my beloved Space Invaders were begging to be played…but I had only enough coins for the washing machine and dryer.

Next time, I’ll know to bring an extra few coins. Man, I haven’t played Space Invaders in goodness knows how long!

From the laundry to the ANZAC Day wreath-laying back to the banks of the Murray River in Merbein Common just North of Mildura. I have a stack of work to do on Sixties Sojourn and some commissioned podcasts, so with this view of the Murray, I’m settled for the rest of the day.


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