A simple solution for dinner parties in a pandemic environment

Ron Prasad and CMR's Charles Pakana have a yarn about the continuation of Stage 4 restrictions....and dinner parties with friends.

A simple solution for dinner parties in a pandemic environment

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 7 September 2020


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With Melbourne facing at least another several weeks in stage-four lockdown, it’s as important as ever that we pay particular attention to our own wellbeing.

Returning to talk about that, as well as some interesting ideas on pushing business aside and even online dinner parties, was Ron Prasad, CEO and co-founder of Beat Bullying with Confidence Foundation.

“At times like these, you must remind yourself that you can focus on what you can control, be grateful for what you still have around you, and look for things that are in your control now compared to, say, eight or nine months ago,” Ron said.


An online dinner party…with guests

“Actually what my wife and I did yesterday was have a “virtual dinner” with a friend of hers.

“So this friend lives by herself, and yesterday she was having her dinner, we were having our dinner, and we had the laptop on Skype so we could talk to her.

“She was eating at her place. My wife and I were eating at our place; and we were just talking.”

…more in the full interview above


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