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.From a volunteer program on Aboriginal radio to a full-time independent project

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Mobile Media

Connection Matters Radio (CMR) is fully mobile. Operating entirely from a 2019 Ford Transit van that serves as home and workplace for CMR owner, independent Aboriginal journalist Charles Pakana, it’s all about travelling to where the right people are to tell the stories that matter.

It all came about when, as a radio broadcast journalist, Charles had a travel claim abruptly rejected by the radio station’s manager. He was then told that – despite ample State Government funding – all future interviews had to be done via telephone.

Now, fully independent and totally mobile, Charles travels Victoria, reporting positive Aboriginal stories that show the state, country and world the amazing resilience, innovation and determination of Aboriginal people.

Positive, diverse and independent

Connection Matters Radio (CMR) began life in 2017 as a weekly one-hour Victorian Aboriginal current affairs radio program on 3KND 1503AM. Within a short period of time it became three one-hour programs per week, all on a volunteer basis.

Due to personal pressures, the program ceased after about 12 months but was quickly relaunched as five half-hour programs per week during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in Victoria.

With conflicts arising between CMR and non-Aboriginal management at the hosting radio station, the decision was made to bring the program to a podcast format and platforms, commencing in early 2021.

I remains positive, diverse and 100 per cent independent. 

More than CMR

CMR is more than what you might expect. It’s an umbrella for several podcasts, including the CMR Report, Sixties Sojourn and the soon to be launched Daught’n’Dad program.

The Connection Matters Radio (CMR) podcast is the very heart of the CMR products. Positive Aboriginal stories from across Victoria.

View the story library >

The Connection Matters Radio (CMR) podcast is the very heart of the CMR products. Positive Aboriginal stories from across Victoria.

View the story library >

An exciting – and irreverent – new podcast commencing in March 2021, Daught’n’Dad features journalist Charles Pakana and daughter Katelyn Wells talking frankly on a broad range of topics.

View the podcast page >

FIERCELY INDEPENDENT:  Connection Matters Radio (CMR) is totally independent of any editorial dictates. Whether it’s producing written articles for newspapers or CMR’s primary focus on the production of radio and podcast programming, content is controlled totally without the restrictions of external editorial influences. With this independence, all CMR stories are proudly produced and aired without being subject to external political or business influences. That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it will remain.

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