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The CMR Mission: “Broadcast, podcast and share positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories from around Victoria.”

The Coronavirus Impact

CMR was in hiatus pre-coronavirus and was intended to be relaunched in early to mid 2021. With the introduction of Stage 4 in Melbourne, though, it was resurrected (within 24 hours) and taken live to air with a daily half-hour “positive black stories” focus.

Through a formalised agreement (MOU) between CMR and Aboriginal-owned radio station 3KND, the program is taken to air every weekday at 4:30pm through to 5:00pm.

Charles Pakana

The second of three generations of Aboriginal journalists, Charles is the founder and owner of Connection Matters Radio.

His work as a journalist started in the IT industry in the early 1980s.

His father, Fred Wells, was the industrial correspondent at the Sydney Morning Herald and his eldest daughter, Rhanna, leads the editorial team at NITV.

In Partnership with 3KND

Having volunteered to host a three-hour sixties music program on 3KND when coronavirus restrictions first hit Victoria, and a past history with the station as its Treaty Correspondent, Charles worked with station management to relaunch CMR and establish a form Memorandum of Understanding between the two companies.

FIERCELY INDEPENDENT:  Connection Matters Radio (CMR) is totally independent of any editorial dictates. Whether it’s producing written articles for newspapers or CMR’s primary focus on the production of radio and podcast programming, content is controlled totally without the restrictions of external editorial influences. With this independence, all CMR stories are proudly produced and aired without being subject to external political or business influences. That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it will remain.

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