About Connection Matters Radio

What it’s about and why it was created

“I see and hear about amazing stories of Aboriginal pride, success and self-determination every day. Too often, people don’t hear about those stories simply because mainstream media is hindered by lack of resources, community access or knowledge. Connection Matters Radio aims to remove those barriers.” – Charles Pakana

Journalist Charles Pakana (R) with his mentor, Uncle Talgium “Chocco” Edwards

In brief, Connection Matters Radio aims to promote positive stories of Aboriginal people and community in and across Victoria.

Stories are shared in four ways:

  • By the Connection Matters Radio podcast (to be announced),
  • On radio 3KND 1503AM (more information here),
  • On the Connection Matters Radio website, and
  • Free of charge to regional media (print and radio) outlets.

By broadcasting and sharing stories at no cost to mainstream and local/regional media outlets, Connection Matters Radio breaks down barriers that often block such stories being carried – cost, lack of connection to the Aboriginal community and even awareness.



Connection Matters Radio is entirely self-funded by Charles. Working as a speaker, Master of Ceremonies, writer and project manager, Charles keeps the project alive and kicking.

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