Australia’s foremost Aboriginal photographer reflects on the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 lockdowns may have wiped out six months of work, but Aboriginal photographer Wayne Quilliam still finds a lighter side to it all.

Australia’s foremost Aboriginal photographer reflects on the coronavirus pandemic

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 2 September 2020


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As the seasons change from Winter to Spring, Tasmanian Aboriginal photographer Wayne Quilliam is typically found anywhere but home.

The coronavirus pandemic, though, puts a halt to that for 2020.

In fact within a single week Mr. Quilliam saw a good six months of work snatched away from him. Despite it all, he says: “Life is good!”

Mr Quilliam  spoke to CMR’s Charles Pakana to talk about how COVID-19 has changed so much in his life.

“it’s quite significant,” he said. “It has changed the essence of who I am.

For past nearly 30 years, this time of the year I’m generally out on country, whether it’s Western Australia, Central Desert, Arnhem Land, Queensland and even up in the Torres Strait.”


The COVID-19 cloud’s silver lining

Despite it all, according to Mr. Quilliam, COVID-19 has brought with it some great benefits.

“COVID has allowed me to stay home. I’ve got my amazing wife, and we’ve decked out one of the bedrooms for her office. I’ve decked out my daughter’s bedroom and that’s now her schoolroom at the moment.”

Mr Quilliam told CMR that every day the three family members work to motivate each other when individual members may be succumbing to the social restrictions of COVID-19.

“It’s quite hilarious, actually,” he said. “At the moment [my daughter is on a Zoom call with an author learning how to put a book together. She’s walking around with a laptop and her headphones on, making a smoothie.

“My wife will walk by with her iPad on a Zoom call with colleagues, and I’m on the phone having a yarn to you!”

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