COVID-19 Pandemic – A Great Time to Start a Business?

Why on earth would you choose a time of pandemic to start a new business? According to Kinaway Chair Karen Milward, it can be a perfect time.

COVID-19 Pandemic – A Great Time to Start a Business?

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 27 August 2020
      CMR COVID 018 - Karen Milward


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If you think that during a coronavirus pandemic it’s time to exercise extreme caution in business and hunker down until it’s all over, well, you could be right. But then again…?

According to Yorta Yorta woman and Chair of the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria Karen Milward, it could be the perfect time to explore the advantage of new business opportunities.

“People are calling Kinaway all the time saying they’re interested in starting a new business because their original business isn’t doing so well, ‘…so how can I diversify and pivot and do something else to make money?'”

Even for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people looking to start a new business – even in these uncertain economic times – Ms Milward encourages them to step forward and at least investigate what can be achieved.

“…even turning a hobby into a business, people are asking for advice on how they can do that,” she told Connection Matters Radio (CMR).


Startups, students and services

In commenting on the supports afforded emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in Victoria, Ms Milward said that Kinaway had a focus on working with people even before the formation of a business.

“You want to make sure you’re doing it [setting up the business] properly, and we even have student membership as well.

“So people who are studying a certain industry and need to know more about starting business, so they’re learning about product development…therefore they become a member that way and keeping in touch with what’s going on in the business world.”

Among the many services being offered by Kinaway to member businesses are:

  • Expert advice on business direction decision-making
  • Business plan development support
  • Mentoring and business coaching
  • Advice on accessing grants
  • Women business support


For more information

Click here to visit the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce website

To contact Kinaway via phone, call (03) 9416 2304

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