Focus on Positive (Social) Media During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wandi Wandian and Yuin psychologist Dr Adrienne Withall talks with CMR about how to deal with COVID-19 negative (social) media.

Focus on Positive (Social) Media During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 20 August 2020
      CMR COVID 013 - Adrienne Withall


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No-one loves a good store more than modern media; and no-one loves to spin the negatives of any story more than that same group; and once that story has been told and spun, itโ€™s readily taken up by people keen to get more hits, likes and follows on social media.

But how much negative media and social media – especially around the COVID-19 pandemic can we continue to consume before it impacts directly on us?

Wandi Wandian and Yuin woman, and psychologist from the University of NSW, Dr Adrienne Withall spoke to Connection Matters Radio (CMR) about this matter.

In responding to a question about the amount of negative media we can actually take before it impacts on us, Dr Withall said: “It’s a difficult question to answer because social media has really taken off; and there’s more to be won in a story which is negative or controversial…but we know at the end of the day that if you have too much of this negative media it’s going to have a whole impact on your mental health, your wellbeing and your outlook on life.”

Look for the positives…Boxers on trampolines!?

When asked how to balance the stream of negative media we’re fed, especially around COVID-19, Dr. Withall shared with CMR that while she’s a “sucker for looking at pictures of Boxer dogs…Boxer dogs jumping on trampolines”, it’s important that we take time to appreciate those things in our life for which we should be grateful.

“One of the techniques that we use is actually asking people to keep gratitude journals,” she said. “Even having conversations with yourself on a daily basis about what’s one good thing that happened today? What’s one good news message that I can take away?”

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