Focus on Your Circle of Control During Coronavirus Pandemic

Anti-bullying activist, life coach and counsellor Ron Prasad joins CMR to discuss the importance of focusing on our Circle of Control

Focus on Your Circle of Control During Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 30 August 2020


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During Victoria’s Stage 3 and Melbourne’s Stage 4 coronavirus lockdowns, it’s totally understanding that we often don’t feel in control of our own lives; and when we don’t feel in control, well, that’s the time when our mental health takes yet another beating.

That shouldn’t be case, though, according to Beat Bullying with Confidence co-found and CEO, life coach and counsellor Ron Prasad.

His advice is to focus our energies on what falls within our Circle of Control.

Mr Prasad joined Connection Matters Radio (CMR) to talk about the very real personal benefits to be gained by prioritising our efforts on those things over which we have control.

“Imaging standing on the floor and a circle around you. Everything in that circle is in your control. For example, what time you decide to wake up, what you have for breakfast, how you talk to your partner…,” he said.

In commenting on this beyond the circle, Mr Prasad cited government governments, weather, the economy and even other drivers on the road.

“If you look at things within your control and you decide to focus on those and then remind yourself that these things are within my control. I can influence how these things can be done; and in turn these things will have an impact on my emotions,” Mr Prasad told CMR.

Outside the Circle of Control?

In contrast, a focus on those things outside our Circle of Control may impact our emotions and mental health well-being, “…but what can I do about them.”

“So it pays to remind yourself of what is in your circle of control and giving your energies to those things,” Mr Prasad said.

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