Indigenous Literacy Day moves online and stays on target

The Indigenous Literacy Day events for 2020 move online. It's a case of COVID-19 driving event accessibility to even more Australians

Indigenous Literacy Day moves online and stays on target

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 1 September 2020

Aboriginal photography by  Quilliam Wayne


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On Wednesday the 2nd of September, Indigenous Literacy Day is going live around Australia.

Forget COVID-19 and its resulting social restrictions and lockdowns for a while, sit back and take in the day’s events on Youtube.

Joining Connection Matters Radio (CMR) to discuss the Day and work undertaken by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation is that organisation’s Programs Director, Tina Raye.

Ms Raye, an Arabana, Bardi and Jabbir Jabbir woman from North of Broome, provided some background to Indigenous Literacy Day.

“It was initially a day for the greater Australian public to raise awareness as to what are some of the challenges that are facing literacy, particularly in remote communities.

“It has grown significantly from that and what has been in place for the last few years is a big celebration at the Sydney Opera House.”


COVID-19? Challenge met!

“This year,” Ms Raye continued, “COVID has presented a lot of challenges to different areas.”

To address those challenges, the Foundation has simply taken the Day’s program of events online. “We have a couple of different events, depending on the audience,” Ms Raye said.

The online (Youtube) events being presented on 2 September are:

  • The main event, which focuses on what the Foundation does as well as efforts being made by local communities (12:30pm on Wednesday 2 September) (ILF Youtube Channel)
  • A specific schools program for schools across the country (2:00pm on Wednesday 2 September) (Sydney Opera House Youtube Channel)
  • A special community event tailored for communities with which the ILF partners.


…more in the interview (click on the play button above)


For more information

For more information and to view the online events:

Click here for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation website

Click here for the main event (Youtube 2/9/2020 at 12:30pm)

Click here for the schools program (Youtube 2/9/2020 at 2pm)

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