Lockdown playtime. It’s all in the spring, jump, leap and hop

It's time to turn the isolation blues into nature walks, hopscotch, play dough time and even the good old mud pie.

Lockdown playtime. It’s all in the spring, jump, leap and hop

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 3 September 2020


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Play Specialist Cat Sewell returns to Connection Matters Radio (CMR) to provide parents with some fabulous suggestions on how to keep those young bundles of energy active and occupied during Victoria’s Stage 3 and Stage 4 lockdowns.

With the advent of Spring, it’s all about that…springing.

Cat’s first suggestion for the episode was putting a bit of a bent on the all-important “going for a walk”; and particular bent to which Cat referred was making it a Rainbow Walk.

“As you’re going for a walk see if you can take pictures of things of every colour of the rainbow,” Cat explained. “It could be natural things, such as different coloured flowers…or different colour cars.”

Cat further suggested that children can put on their pretend scientist’s coat and become a nature scientist, examining different plants and even picking up things from nature and take them back for a bit of research.


The old school mud pie

When it comes to Spring, what would it be without an old school mud pie session?

According to Cat, setting up children in the backyard with some mud and water will keep them occupied for ages. “If you don’t have an outside area,” Cat said, “then you can always set them up in the bathroom and do a clean up afterwards.”

For those parents not all that keen on having mud pie remains all over the family bathroom, Cat talked enthusiastically about play dough.

“These are really good for children,” Cat said. “[Children] have to work really hard with their hands with this; and it helps all the bones and muscles grow in a small child’s hands.”


Spring is literally in the air

“Think about spring…as in jump,” Cat emphasised. “And jumping doesn’t take up a lot of room.”

The good old game of hopscotch shouldn’t be forgotten either.

“You can easily set up a game of hopscotch, and some people have even set up hopscotch games all the way down a street.”

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