Pivot a business during coronavirus for success and survival

Kinaway chair Karen Milward talks on CMR about the benefits to be gained by considering a pivot of business during coronavirus

Pivot a business during coronavirus for success and survival

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 3 September 2020


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Chairperson of the Kinaway Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce Victoria, Yorta Yorta woman Karen Milward returns to Connection Matters Radio (CMR) to discuss the importance – and potential benefits – of pivoting a business to meet the new challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Karen told CMR that during April and May of this year, many business owners put their minds to determining a new direction for their businesses during COVID-19. “[Many business owners] thought what am I going to do? I either go bust or hibernate and wait for this to be over,” she told CMR.

“Or I pivot my business in order to survive!”

In explaining what it is to pivot a business, Karen said: “It may mean changing your customers or changing the products [and services] you sell.”

By way of examples of Aboriginal businesses that have been successfully pivoted to survive, and even prosper, during these tough times, Karen spoke about:

  • The Cooee Cafe on the Mornington Peninsula: Pivoted to producing frozen meals, including kangaroo lasagna, after being restricted to serving coffee only.
  • The Ark Clothing company: Pivoted from making clothing to producing surgical masks and gowns for hospitals
  • Supply Aus: Quickly adapted its supply services to include hand sanitiser and other hygiene products


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