Providing a voice and platform for First Nations voices during COVID

The Koorie Heritage Trust establishes a unique platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices during COVID-19

Providing a voice and platform for First Nations voices during COVID

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 1 September 2020


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As we continue with our series of interviews with the Koorie Heritage Trust (KHT), Torres Strait Islander man and CEO of the Trust, Tom Mosby, once agains joins Connection Matters Radio (CMR).

This time, the focus is on KHT Voices – a curated series of short essays, interviews and stories about how Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

“We recognised at the time [beginning of COVID-19 lockdowns] that this time that we’re going through is a unique part of our collective history – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous,” Mr Mosby told CMR.

“But the only voice we tend to hear in the mainstream media is the non-Indigenous voice…how people are reacting to COVID.”

Mr Mosby went on to explain that KHT recognised the important need to capture the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well.

“This is going to be quite an historical legacy for the future. When people look back to this time we want to make sure that we’ve actually captured the Indigenous voice,” he said.

“KHT Voices came out of that recognition – making sure that we capture the voices of our people and our communities going through COVID at this time.”

Among the various writers, artists and Elders featured in KHT Voices are:

  • Uncle Kevin Coombes
  • Aunty Nancy Harrison
  • Tony Birch
  • Uncle Kutcha Edwards
  • Aunty Glenda Nichols


Blak Design nominations now open

As was reported last week on CMR, the Trust has opened its Blak Design program for expressions of interest.

From the KHT website:

“Blak Design is an exciting new initiative to support our First Nations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, craftspeople and designers living in Victoria, through a targeted professional development and mentoring program. Developed in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria and RMIT University, and generously supported by the Ian Potter Foundation, the Program aims to foster First Nations cultural innovation within the Victorian design sector underpinned by the International Indigenous Design Charter – Protocols for sharing Indigenous Knowledge in professional design practice.”


For more information

Click here for the KHT Voices home web page

Click here for more information on the Black Design program

Click here for the Koorie Heritage Trust website

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