Victoria’s return to school is not good news for every student

While Victoria's return to school stages are welcomed by many, for students who have had a respite from school place bullying, it's bad news

Victoria’s return to school is not good news for every student

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 21 September 2020
      CMR - 035 - Ron Prasad


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While the majority of parents and students are welcoming staged return to Victorian schools over the coming months, for many students it’s a time of fear – a fear of returning to an environment where being bullied makes life a living hell.

Joining Connection Matters Radio (CMR) to discuss this is regular guest, co-founder and CEO of Beat Bullying with Confidence Foundation, Ron Prasad.

“For these kids – the ones who have been bullied at school – learning from home over the past… has been a break from bullying,” Ron said.

“And now, as we are planning to return to school, I can only imaging how much anxiety some of these kids might be feeling at the moment.”


Bullying simply hasn’t disappeared

Despite what many educators may have us believe, according to Ron the instances of bullying at school has not disappeared. Far from it in fact.

Ron explained that he has yet to attend a school or youth group where anywhere less than 100 per cent of students responded in the affirmative to the question: “Raise your hand if you know of one person, including yourself, who has ever been bullied.”

He went on to explain that while physical bullying instances may well have dropped, in far too many cases it has simply been replaced by cyberbullying.

During this interview, Ron discusses:

  • Signs for parents that their child may be the victim of bullying
  • Steps for bullied children to take in preparation for returning to school
  • Tips on how to minimise the mental health impact of being cyberbullied

This subject will be carried over several weeks, every Monday on CMR.


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Click on the play button below to listen to the full interview with Ron


      CMR - 035 - Ron Prasad

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