“We’re back!” Spark Health brings Wellah Women back again in 2020

Building resilience and mutual support. For Spark Health's Wellah Women program, it's all about taking COVID lockdowns in stride

“We’re back!” Spark Health brings Wellah Women back again in 2020

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 2 September 2020


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As has been seen time and time again, when Aboriginal women are determined, nothing can – or should – get in their way.

For the team at Spark Health – an Aboriginal-owned an -operated health promotion and communication business – the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting social lockdowns have presented nothing more than an obstacle to be evaluated, planned around…and dealt with.

Spark Health’s Senior Projects Officer, Yorta Yorta/Gunai Kurnai woman Lena Charles spoke to Connection Matters Radio (CMR) about one way in which the organisation was dealing head-on with the pandemic.

“The Wellah Women program [established by Spark Health in 2018] is about getting women together to be healthy and happy,” Ms Charles said.

“There’s nothing like a good sisterhood. It’s a really powerful thing to have a group of Aboriginal women come together and just grow.”

Yorta Yorta/Gunai Kurnai woman Lena Charles. Senior Projects Officer, Spark Health

Online and going strong

In April 2020, rather than put the eight-week Wellah Women program on hold and ride out the pandemic, Spark Health took it online; and suddenly the tyranny of distance melted away.

“We had women tuning in from Tasmania, NSW and the ACT,” Ms Charles told CMR. “And these are women who know about the programs but based on location haven’t been able to participate.

“So we’re really excited about the next program.”

So excited, in fact that rather than just the single program for 2020, as has been the case during previous years, Spark Health has announced loudly and clearly that in 2020, “We’re back!

Commending in October this year, Wellah Women has returned for a second time in 2020, delivering a range of events.

Open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women anywhere across the country, Ms Charles said that the October/November Wellah Women program will feature interviews with “…some really awesome Aboriginal women who have an incredible journey to share with the rest of the women.”


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