Women Standing Strong Together in Hume City

Hume City Council transitions an important series of events for women to online delivery - and it's paying dividends.

Women Standing Strong Together in Hume City

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Posted: 25 August 2020

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As the COVID-19 Stage 3 and 4 social restrictions and lockdowns continue across Victoria, organisations are adapting their previously face-to-face events to an online model.

At Melbourne’s Hume City Council, a five-month series of events for women has likewise been given the Zoom treatment.

Anne Coall, Hume City’s Newbury and Aitken Hill Community Centre Leader, the key mover behind that series of events – Women Standing Stronger Together – joined Charles on Connection Matters Radio (CMR) to discuss the events.

“The events came about [as a result of] Council’s adoption of a gender equity strategy, and it’s about the rights, responsibilities and opportunities for both men and women,” she said. “It’s about building a strong vibrant community.”

Continuing right through to December 2020, the events cover a raft of subjects ranging from TAFE (Technical and Further Education) to rights as a tenant.

To ensure the subjects were an accurate reflection of community needs, the series was developed in consultation with community. “We developed a working group of community members,” Ms Coall said.

“Everyone had an input!”


Structured for interactivity

In working to deliver a blend between constructive and casual, Ms Coall told CMR that the move to online meant cutting the originally intended one-and-a-half hour sessions to just 60 minutes, and focus on interactivity to ensure maximum engagement.

“[The sessions] are open for questions and down to earth,” she said. “It’s pretty much just grass roots level information.”

…much more in the interview (above)


More information

For more information on Hume City Council’s Women Standing Stronger Together:

Click here to download the PDF

Click here to visit the Hume City Council Website


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